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"Debbie gave me confidence with driving, and all of my lessons were easy going. Before Debbie, I would get nervous behind the wheel and would panic if I were to make a mistake. But Debbie changed that as she understood and she made me feel calm while driving. Debbie fitted around my schedule for my lessons and she took me on different driving routes, which gave me even more driving experience. “This definitely made me more confident as we didn't just focus on one area the whole time I was learning. Deb is a great instructor, as she is funny, laid back, and a brilliant teacher! I would definitely recommend Debbie as an instructor as she got me passed quickly and she always made me feel at ease while driving!"

"Debbie took me on at very short notice to get me through my test, after I failed my first. After only three or four lessons, I passed with no minors and this is definitely due to her input. She is very easy to get on with, and won't put up with any nonsense which is why her average student passes with only three or less minors. I would definitely recommend Debbie to anybody who is suffering a bit with their driving confidence as she never criticises, only critiques. I have Debbie to thank for the improvement on my driving as it took a very short space of time to get from failing my test with eight minors, up to test standard. Thank you, Debbie, for everything. This is a lovely lady you would be missing out with if you chose any other instructor."

“With my first driving instructor I didn’t feel I was progressing and I felt as though they were only interested in my money. When I changed lessons over to Debbie, I had no confidence and absolutely hated my driving lessons. I remember my first lesson very well, Debs’ instantly made me feel relaxed and all the awkwardness I had experienced with my previous instructor was nowhere to be seen. On that first lesson, she asked me to drive for the whole time. This was the first time I had done that as my previous driving instructor’s lessons involved driving around the same streets and constantly stopping. I drove all the way to Canterbury, stalled a few times and I remember sitting at a roundabout for ages because I didn’t have the confidence to take the gap. Despite this, I really enjoyed the lesson and had a smile on my face the whole time. At the end of the lesson, Debbie was really encouraging and made me feel good about myself. From there I began to enjoy my lessons more and more. She massively improved my confidence and lessons became something I really looked forward to. She is a person who is incredibly friendly, easy to talk to, and incredibly funny. We used to laugh and joke during lessons which really relaxed me and helped me to learn much quicker. I remember the moment both me and Debbie found out I had passed and it’s difficult to say who was more delighted! She is a brilliant instructor who cares about her pupils rather than the money. She has amazing patience and is a great teacher. More than just teaching me to pass my test though, she prepared me for driving. She gave me experience on all sorts of roads and so when I got a car, I was thoroughly prepared to face the roads without her by my side, although I’d be lying if I said I didn’t miss her lessons!”

"I found Tara via a recommendation on a local website for my 17 year old son, Oscar, who was really unhappy with his male instructor. Over the course of his lessons, Tara worked her magic turning my son from a would be boy racer, to a safe and confident driver who passed his test first time! Thank you so much Tara for your professionalism, perseverance and patience in making Oscar a good driver."

"Tara has been such a great teacher to me, she has believed in my ability from the beginning and has instilled such confidence in me that I now know that I can be on the road on my own. I am so glad that I chose to learn with Tara and Debbie, and would recommend them to anyone wanting to learn to drive!"

“Debbie, Debbie, Debbie.. What can I say about you? You are the saviour. I thought I would spend all of eternity grasping the wheel in sheer terror as I raced around houses at 30mph, dreaming of claiming 5th gear as my own, with a 'by the book' instructor who lacked your wit, enthusiasm, and love of jolly sailor songs. After spending 5 x 2hr lessons with an instructor who was more interested in discussing the perfect way of holding the gear stick (to this day, I will disagree), rather than actually driving the car (it's called a driving lesson after all), you came along and stole my heart, and my 60mph virginity. A little bemused after the first instructor, and seeking a ready replacement willing to start from scratch, from the moment you picked me up, I knew I would pass. The very fact that you had the confidence (plus a smidge of braveness) to let me drive from the off meant that I had no doubt that I would be a good driver, or at least, be sat next to one. Some of my friends have spoken about how awkward it was to sit in a car with a driving instructor for a long period of time, attempting to make light conversation such as ‘…what lovely weather it is today…’ or ‘…do you…like stuff…’ I think we can both agree, dull moments were absent from our minds as we explored the sights and sounds of Kent, with my rapidly improving ability to drive and your rapidly improving ability to sing as loud as possible. Clearly, the aim of learning to drive is to ultimately pass your test. People tell you to do it for yourself as it is something that you will always have. However, after I was successful, the most exciting thing was to see your face light up. You make the lessons so individual, personal, and effective, that people want to learn to both equip themselves, and to do it for you. That is a rare skill, and it is one you should be both proud of, and continue to excel at. Completing my pass plus with you was just an excuse to see you again. Guilty as charged. Right, now I've finished writing, it’s time we go for a drink. I’m buying, you’re driving.”

"So what to say about Debbie Humphries. I have just passed my test and I can't recommend her enough. Debbie is one of the most down to earth, fun and inspirational people I have had the pleasure to meet. She made learning to drive fun, and even when I gave her a heart attack on many occasions, She puts u at ease and gets u right back on track. If you want a driving instructor that's reliable, honest and dam right amazing, you need a Debbie in your life! She became a friend and I'm gonna miss our lessons together. Thanks for everything Debbie. A truly inspirational person"

"Where do I start?! I don't know if there is a better driving instructor than Debbie! My mum done a great job in finding an instructor " She makes the lessons so enjoyable, I look forward to them every week!! Also one of the funniest people I know. There was l lesson literally where we pulled over so Debbie could show me a manoeuvre and I just couldn't stop laughing lol. If anyone is worried about getting a nasty instructor, then go with Debbie! She won't let you down and I guarantee once you pass your test you'll miss her!! I will... haha "

"I started learning with Debbie in October 2014 and I had no trouble choosing an instructor as she was highly recommended to me by a good friend. Convinced with the promise of an amazing instructor, good laughs and a black/pink car. I made up my mind pretty quickly! I remember my first lesson with Deb, we went around the country lanes to Wye and back... Wye? You ask, I don't know. *audience laugh* I was so nervous but Debbie was so lovely and made me gradually feel relaxed, despite at the end of the lesson shaking hands and regretting it due to my sweaty hands which went unnoticed! Debbie makes lessons so enjoyable and informative I always really looked forward to my lessons, which is important because this mind set helped me to learn and this also helped improve my confidence. No matter what I struggled with Debbie would take the time to focus on it and explain anything I was unsure about which helped me improve. I remember being absolutely terrified of roundabouts, now I have no problem with them! Throughout my time with Debbie she has not just taught me to pass a test, she has prepared me for driving so I can be safe and confident out on the roads. I really enjoyed learning with Debbie she is fun, supportive, reliable, informative, a bit crazy, passionate about her job and gives it her all & generally really cares about her pupils progress and success. Oh and she's a maniac and absolutely hilarious. I passed my test 24th February and was so pleased I couldn't even sign the paper because I was shaking! ! So massive thank you Debbie for your support and for teaching me, putting up with my worries and unnecessary panics about tests and preparing me for driving which I will no doubt thoroughly enjoy in my little car and do so safely! Many thanks, Mia Bruv."

"Would like to say a big thank you so much for teaching me. I wouldn't have done it without you keeping me going at all times. Going to miss our lessons. Debbie is so bubbly and knows how to keep your nerves down. 8 You can have a great laugh with her and I am going to miss her a lot. Would deffo recommend her to anyone who wants to learn to drive Debbie is so lovely."

"Ok, I promised a raving review to my driving instructor, Debbie Humphries, so here it is! She is absolutely fantastic! I !! I had so much fun learning to drive on the left side of the road, it was great. She almost crapped herself a few times, but never lost focus and kept me going! If anyone wants an instructor who really modifies teaching styles to suit the person learning, she's the one. No doubt about it. You won't be disappointed, I'm really gonna miss driving with her."

" Well...well...well what can I say? I am not going to go into how many driving lessons lve had or what time span I had them for... the reason being is half of the time they didnt feel like 'driving lessons yes I learnt to drive but driving with Debbie was much more than that. I was immediately put at ease, she knew I was very nervous and borderline mentally unstable about driving but I got over this fairly quickly for my personality thanks to Debbie. Learning to drive has opened up many doors for me... I had previously been with another driving instructor who did not make me feel at ease and made me feel nervous. Debbie has such a vibrant personality which is very helpful because your lessons became fun, rather than being a chore...She teaches you the little things that most instructors dont bother with. For example; doing a turn in the road on the steepest hill youve ever seen in your life! At the time this is really nerve racking but once you have successfully achieved this you feel fantastic. Whenl first started driving I was terrified with the thought of changing gears, but they do begin to come naturally, particularly with a fantastic teacher. I have driven to so many different places on my driving lessons which has given me more awareness of different roads, rather than just driving around close to the test centre. Country lanes, town, Ashford, Folkestone, Canterbury... went on them all which has made me a better driver. You wont get to drive the places you will with Debbie with a standard driving instructor. Surviving driving lessons with Debbie, is all I can say is yes she will be strict with you! She will give you a kick up the bum...should you require it! Be prepared for the wonderful singing skills and the countless times she will make you jump with her random but relevant outbursts of singing, But she will teach you all the skills necessary to drive and then sorel, With me I virtually had driving lessons/ counselling, she dealt with me, my problems and made me in to a good driver. She has all her quirky little ways and sayings such as "if in doubt leave it out", and "less space, less pace" these became very useful because when you are driving alone you can still hear her voice in your head. twill never forget learning to drive with Debbie, it was fantastic!"

"I started lessons with Debbie last year, at first I really did not want to learn but realised it was a skill l needed to progress with life. The first lesson with Debbie instantly put me at ease, she was kind, fun and she is very calm. She is also patient and if you struggle with something or just don't like it, she ensures you do it over and over again till you get it right, I truly had enough of roundabouts after 5 lessons of them but now they do not concern me. Debbie does not just teach so that you can pass the test, she teaches so that when you do you have all the skills needed to stay safe when you drive. My lessons with Debbie has taught me how to drive in different road conditions, on the country lanes and at night."

"Thank you very much Debbie. This lady got me through my test in just 11 hours and I passed first time. If anyone needs to have lessons, this is the lady you need to be with. She is the best."

" I had around 35 hours of driving lessons between September and December. All of my lessons were extremely enjoyable and I looked forward to getting into the drivers seat every time. I felt that Debbie and myself got on well and formed a good teacher/pupil relationship. I think that this is key because without this bond then the lessons would have dragged and would not be a pleasant experience. I would recommend this driving company to anyone that is interested in learning to drive because not only did I find that the instructing was very good; but also because the driving experiences that I was exposed to were very varied. I carried out both day and night time driving in built up and busy conditions and also on quieter country roads . By receiving a broader knowledge of the road types at different times of the day, I feel confident that I will be able to cope as a new young driver."

"Would like to say a massive thank to Debbie Humphries you're an awesome driving instructor. I had such fun doing my lessons with you and I have got so much more confidence now. I will recommend you to anyone who wants to do lessons. Thank you so much"

"Would like to give a massive shootout to Debbie Humphries she's such a brilliant driving instructor! Gave me such confidence and so down to earth and so easy to get on with! She's brilliant passed first time thanks again Deb will see you around on the road!"

"I had undertaken 10 driving lessons with another well-known company and was not learning. 50 year olds have different needs to teenagers and being a diehard motor biker of 30 years, I had my own opinions of car drivers that wasn't helping me. I contacted Leam2pass and was allocated Debbie Humphries as an instructor for a week intensive course. I was not confident but within the first hour Debbie had assessed not only my driving proficiency but me as well and tailored her teaching technique to deliver what I needed. At the end of the first day, I was driving the car with confidence and had struck up an exceedingly good teacher - pupil relationship. During the course of the week my skills developed as did my confidence culminating in me passing my driving test first time. l honestly believe this would not have happened if it was not for Debbie's personal skills. These skills are not just as a driving instructor but also in being able to assess me, my character, coping with my opinions that all bikers are right and car drivers are wrong attitude and had the ability plus patience to deliver the knowledge and skills I needed in a style best suited to my needs. To give you an idea of what learning to drive with Debbie is like, we had a friendly (for nothing) bet. Debbie would make me enjoy driving a car so much that I would give up the motorbike. Rubbish l thought at the time. Now it's time to eat humble pie... true to her word, I enjoy driving to such an extent that I have been on a motorbike twice in the last year. Thank you Debs.. you've enriched my life and changed my attitude towards car drivers. Please start teaching people to ride motorbikes so they can understand us bikers."

"Hiya just finished my test and I PASSED...yay. Thank you so so so much for all your help! Honestly I could not have passed without the wonderful things you've taught me! Hope you are having a nice holiday! Kind regards "

"Hi Deb, wanted to write you a comment about my driving experience with you...here is my testimonial! I started learning with Debbie in October 2013 and I passed my test in December 2013. Debbie gave me confidence with driving and all of my lessons were easy going. Before Debbie, I would get nervous behind the wheel and would panic if I were to make a mistake. But Debbie changed that as she was understanding and she made me feel calm while driving. Debbie fitted around my schedule for my lessons and she took me on different driving routes which gave me even more driving experience. This definitely made me more confident as we didn't just focus on one area the whole time I was learning. Deb is a great instructor as she is funny, laid back and a brilliant teacher! I would definitely recommend Debbie as an instructor as she got me passed quickly and she always made me feel at ease while driving! Thank you again Debbie for all your work"

"I have to say Debbie was very patient with me! I had failed my test once and had three driving instructors as I had moved to different parts of the country. So Debbie was my 4th time lucky. Debbie made me feel comfortable from day one. After two more failed tests through nerves Debbie was so determined to get me through the test and gave me the confidence I needed to pass 4th time! Thank you Debbie."

"I passed my driving test in February 2015. I still remember my first lesson with Debbie. I was so nervous but within minutes of being in the car, Debs soon put my nerves at ease! Debbie made every lesson a laugh, with her singing and shouting random things, she's a VERY strict instructor but you never really notice it! Debbie is also a very patient instructor, until you're at a roundabout or junction and she's screaming "GASSSSSSS" at you, or you're doing a reverse park and she's telling you to "hurry up" Debbie was always pushing me, because she knew I could always do better and never let me slack! I don't think I would have passed first time without the help and support from Debbie, she even saw my emotional side after I passed!@ l'm actually really sad I don't have any more lessons with her! I looked forward to them every week (unless I knew I was going to have a reverse round a corner, then I wouldn't be as excited). All in all Debs is a top class lady and I cannot thank you enough for everything! Don't worry Debs, I haven't told anyone that you said l've been you're best pupil EVER!! Oh and you still owe me a new pair of gloves!"

"Here's my story.... I started with Debbie in January 2014 after having four previous driving instructors from the age of 17 (I'm now 26) so it's taken a long time. I found Debbie on google and read some reviews of Ieam2pass driving school, after feeling very sheepish at explaining to irrational fears to yet another driving instructor I gave Debbie a call. Debbie you made it all so easy for me and let me take it step by step again, even when it came to booking my test and I felt like I wanted to back out again you supported me through it all. You gave me all the confidence I needed after I failed my first test.... To say you looked shocked was an understatement! This made me feel better about myself and discussing my failure with you I soon realised that it was my newes playing me again. I began to believe in myself after the first failure as you believed in me so much and this was a great help. I passed on my third attempt and walked into the test centre with barely any nerves at all because of your kind words. I would definitely recommend Debbie as an instructor, believe me, I've had a few. You made my lessons fun and interesting with lessons in all sorts of places at all times of day and still are on hand to help me now! If you decide to choose Debbie you won't regret it and will gain a genuine friend too ! Thanks again Debbie, couldn't have done it without you ! Kellie Boardman"