Learn to drive with our female driving instructors in Ashford, Kent

As a team of knowledgeable female driving instructors, we ensure that you’re confident and safe on the roads. Serving clients in Ashford, Kent, our trusted team is more than happy to assist, as we make you at ease throughout your journey behind the wheel. Each lesson is tailored around your needs, and they are planned to focus on your strengths and weaknesses to ensure that you become a well-rounded driver. Whether you need help with your theory or practical test, turn to the specialists at Licence2thrill for assistance.

Here to help

Manual Gear

Our vehicles are manual. This allows you to drive a manual and an automatic when you pass. (Always a bonus!)

Intensive Lessons

Intensive Lessons are becoming increasingly popular. Contact us today to book yours!

Theory Preparation

Contact us if you wish to receive advice and tuition for your theory test.

Already Passed?

Congratulations! Want to learn more? Contact us if you are interested in completing your Pass Plus!


Either pay-per-lesson or pay for blocks of lessons on your first lesson. It’s entirely up to you.

Enjoyable Lessons

Lessons with us are enjoyable and fun. Don't drive around for hours with someone who makes you want to fall asleep! Get well planned, exciting, and tailor-made lessons for you!

Pre-Test Lessons

We are available if you need us on the day of your test! Last minute nerves are kicked to the kerb, and we ensure that your test drive is as painless as possible.